Foreclosure Prosecution

The decision of a borrower to strategically default on a loan is usually accompanied by the borrower asserting legal claims against the lender. Unfortunately, many claims are made solely to frustrate the lender's legal right to foreclosure. Lenders must take swift action to prevent delay while securing collateral. Every foreclosure is different as are the circumstances leading to default. Allowing a borrower to delay without payment, however, always results in additional losses. Accompanying the foreclosure crises is a burgeoning foreclosure defense bar with an array of innovative defense. Lenders need competent and effective counsel to adapt to the changing environment and aggresively pursue foreclosure of the loan in default. The law provides lenders a variety of tools to protect their collateral while respecting the due process of borrowers in default.

Commercial Litigation

Some business relationships and ventures fail. When all attempts to resolve matters amicably have also failed, Matthew Estevez, P.A. will provide you with top-notch commercial litigators and trial attorneys that will represent you in contract disputes and in the collection of monies owed.

Collections & Judgment Recovery

The promise to pay is a binding contractual obligation that is enforced by Courts in every jurisdiction of the United States. If you are owed money, you have a legal right to seek a judgment for the amounts owed. Matthew Estevez, P.A. uses innovative techniques to track down your money while agressively pursuing collection of unpaid judgments. Garnishment of wages and bank accounts as well as levying personal and real property are some examples of remedies available to judgment creditors. If the debt has been transferred to a third party to avoid payment of a judgment, we will seek collection from the complicit third party. We will work with the client to implement cost effective ways to recover your money.